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Customer Payment Plans

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Exclusive Member Benefit

Do you want to be able to provide payment plans to your customers – quickly and easily? Increase conversion rates and average sale!
No Establishment or set up fees for Master Electricians Members (saving $275+)*
  • No Customer Credit Risk
  • Increase Sales and Boost Cash Flow
  • Instant Online Approval*
  • No establishment or set up fees (for Master Electricians Members)

Increase Sales

  • Do you want to increase your sales and boost cash flow?
  • Do you want the ability to offer your customer Payment Plans?

Great for when you need it

  • Gain competitive advantage
  • Encourage new sales
  • Encourage larger orders
  • Acheive higher quote conversions

Easy to use

  • Instant approval & no risk
  • You get paid upfront
  • No paperwork, secure online systems
  • Process sales quickly, anywhere, anytime

How it works

You will be paid upfront for your product or service by FC Capital.
Your customer will then pay FC Capital back in equal weekly, fortnightly or monthly instalments. FC Capital accepts the risk if your customer defaults, giving you peace of mind.
You can choose to provide an interest free payment plan, or pass on the cost of the transaction to your customers (commercial customers only).
FC Capitals systems are online and easy to use, and you can have funds within 24 hours of a transaction being lodged!

Member Benefit - Real Savings

Exclusive member benefit - no set up fees for Master Electrician members. Both the 1.1% set up fee & $275 documentation fee are waived for members.
Designed to boost your cash flow and increase sales by allowing your customers to Buy Now and Pay Later! This increases your affordability and services and gives you a competitive advantage!

Not a Master Electricians Member?

Important Note - Applying the Fees

When quoting to your customers, finance costs can ONLY be passed onto commercial clients.
The table below outlines what this mean.

  Commercial Clients Consumer Customers
Covers Companies, associations etc. Natural persons (e.g. residential customers or sole traders)
Finance Costs Can be passed onto the client. Cannot be passed onto the customer – must be absorbed by you.
What this means You can add fees onto your payment plan. You must not charge the customer any more for a payment plan
than you would charge them for paying cash or credit card.
You cannot offer discounts for cash or credit card compared to
the payment plan quote.

NB this will be explained in detail during online training.

Five Easy Steps

  1. Contact your Master Electrician FC Capital rep
  2. Complete an online application form*
  3. Undertake your online consumer training & sign an acknowledgment - takes approx one hour
    (details provided when you complete your online application form)
  4. Build financing options into your customer quotes
  5. Start transacting!

MEA FC Capital Reps

Mark Occhiuto
M: 0401 563 339

Mark Andersen
M: 0421 060 383

Howard Jones
M: 0411 315 683